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God has written an amazing story at St. Philip’s. It’s a story of faith and commitment. It’s a story of people who have sacrificed to impact the world for Christ. The story began with a cross on January 1, 2002. That day we dedicated a cross on ten acres of ground here in Frisco. It was a statement of faith that God would build His church upon this ground.

Elementary Beginnings

Our first worship service was on Easter of 2002 in the cafeteria at Bright Elementary. We hauled in an altar and set out two hundred pink plastic chairs. The cafeteria became a church. At our first Christmas Eve services we had 410 people attend. We focused on our mission – Growing Faith That Impacts the World for Christ. And the church grew in attendance and giving! We did what we still do today. We invited people to “Come and See!” We served in missions and gave to those who were in need. We built a family of faith.

Building Up

Within two years we began to run out of space at Bright Elementary. We began to talk about building. At the time St. Philip’s was half the size as it is today. We asked folks to pray about how God might call them to give for a building. In 2004 we pledged $1.5 Million to “Building In Faith”. In 2005 our total giving doubled as people sacrificed to build 23,000 sq ft worth of ministry space. We moved in on April 2, 2006. God has continued to grow our ministry and our impact. All of this is how we impact the world for Christ. This is what it looks like to be faithful to a call to share what we have found with others. It’s a way to help people discover the love of God in Christ for themselves.

God has used St. Philip’s in two significant ways

  1. We’ve helped in the launch of four new Episcopal churches:
  2. We’ve founded ministries to serve our whole community:

We don’t do all this because bigger is better. We do it because God calls us to help all people. We do it because every person matters to God.