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“Don’t Invite Anyone to Church on Easter”

“Don’t Invite Anyone to Church on Easter”
By Brandi White, Director of Community Life | April 17, 2019

“Don’t invite anyone to church on Easter, it’s crowded enough.” This was my precious husband’s exact response when I told him the topic of my blog post was inviting people to Easter services at St. Philip’s. Not to throw my husband under the bus…but his response is a practical one, not a spiritual one. Church is crowded around Easter. After some thought, he relented and changed his mind. Inviting friends, neighbors, relatives or even strangers to share in the miracle and beauty of Easter – crowded or not – can have everlasting implications.

Life is messy, hard, fun, sad, challenging, exhausting and exciting all at the same time. I like having a church family to share it with. We all want and need to be in community. It is a basic need, we were made that way. With so many people moving into Frisco and the surrounding area there is a huge population wanting to connect. And we can help them!

7 Habits of Highly Effective People author Stephen Covey asks “what is the one activity if you did it consistently, and did it well, would yield dramatic results in your life?” For me that activity is inviting people to church. Research tells us that most people come to church because of a personal invitation. Even 82% of unchurched people would be “somewhat likely to attend” if asked by someone they know!

I like inviting people to church. For me, it’s an easy task. For some, I know it is a challenge. Inviting others to see Christ in church is easier for me than inviting people to see Christ in me. It’s especially helpful when I can invite them to something specific. Here are a few things we have coming up that I’m excited to let others know about:

Our Questioning Christianity series starts the Sunday after Easter at 10:15 am. For Skeptics – And Those Who Love Them. We all have questions about our faith. We’ll address the top questions about faith over 5 sessions – with video presentations from the noted pastor and best-selling author Tim Keller, with discussion facilitated by Fr. Greg.

Our Global 6K for Water is scheduled for May 4. This is an easy thing to invite someone to be a part of. Who wouldn’t want to help those in developing countries have clean water? And it’s fun!

During Holy Week, invite others to Maundy Thursday and Shadows of the Cross. On a side note, I experienced Shadows of the Cross for the first time last year and was deeply moved. Again, it’s an easy invite – bring your blankets and lawn chairs for an informal, yet touching, experience.

And last but not least, invite people to share in the love and joy of EASTER! Our Saturday 2:00 pm Family Service is a great way to hear the Easter story, especially for newcomers. Flowering the cross, family photos, dramatic readings and special music for families is a great way to share Easter with a visiting family. Our Saturday 5:00 pm or Sunday at 9 and 11:15 am traditional services are all great invitations waiting to happen.

Pray and see who God is putting on your heart, ask Him to open your eyes to those who are seeking answers, connection, and community.

(P.S. I used to host a B.A.R.F. day in Highland Park and Uptown at two different churches there. B.A.R.F. stood for BRING A REAL FRIEND to church. I haven’t asked about combining B.A.R.F. day and Easter this year…but maybe someday…or maybe B.A.R.F. day should be every day!)

Hope to see you on Easter, crowded or not. If you do have a guest, please look for our guest table outside. I will be there with a gift for them!