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Discovering How Faith and Science Work Together

Discovering How Faith and Science Work Together
By Fr. Greg Methvin | June 19, 2019

After launching our Faith and Science series last weekend, so many expressed how eager they are to hear more about how we hold fast to our faith while being open to the helpful insights of Science. It’s an old tradition of the church to be a “two book” Christian…paying primary attention to God’s revealed word in the Scriptures, but also glimpsing God’s majesty and power through his “creation.”

Centuries ago Augustine taught that followers of Jesus never need to shy away from the truth. He said that “Every good and true Christian should understand that wherever he may find truth, it is his Lord’s.” So the truths that emerge from Science, not the theoretical or philosophical speculations, can be welcomed by Christians as God’s gifts to us to be used in ways that bless.

Sir John Polkinghorne, celebrated physicist from Cambridge and an Anglican priest gives a helpful illustration of how Faith and Science bring trusted truths to our important questions. Imagine if you saw water boiling in a tea kettle. And so you ask the question, “Why is that water boiling?” And one person says, “Because burning gas has heated the water to the boiling point.” But another person says, “It’s because I want a cup of tea.” So which answer is right? Well, they’re both right. Right? One person is talking about the mechanics, which is what science is really good at. But the other answer is all about purpose. “I want a cup of tea.” It’s not really a scientific answer, but it’s true and it’s actually really important.

I invited three friends and members of St. Philip’s to share with us why they love Science and how their strong faith interacts with their scientific pursuits and understandings. You will enjoy learning from these physicists and physicians how they have learned to be “two book” Christians. Stay tuned over the next three weeks as they share their thoughts with us.