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Pathways to Generosity

St. Philip’s Generosity Initiative

Giving is a Spiritual Issue
Stewardship is directly linked to our journey of discipleship. How we use our resources is primarily a spiritual issue, not a financial one.

Jesus Talked About Giving
Jesus spoke openly about money and possessions. As followers of Jesus, we should not be reluctant to talk about giving as an outward expression of our love for Christ.

It’s Not About the Budget
It is all about our relationship with Jesus, especially the spiritual growth that comes from generous hearts. The question isn’t “How much money does St. Philip’s need?”; the question is “Lord, where do you want me to be in my giving?”

Preparing for Pathways to Generosity

Throughout the Month of October

1. Examine your personal giving and how it reflects your relationship with Christ.
2. Reflect on the understanding that stewardship is about raising disciples, not money.
3. Use Fr. Michael’s weekly devotionals as a guide during your prayer time to discover how you can:

4. Discern how you will respond in your giving.

Giving Weekend | October 31 & November 1

During Worship Services

During this time of celebration, we encourage you to:

  • Pray for God to lead you on new steps in your faith journey.
  • Deepen your sense of generosity and gratitude.
  • Discover the joy of giving.
  • Complete your 2021 Estimate of Giving Card during worship.

Online Estimate of Giving Card

Complete and submit the form below to make your Estimate of Giving for 2021 today.

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Set Up Online Giving


Convenient and secure online giving.

Make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift for sustained support throughout the year. Choose credit, debit, or bank account payments, and set the frequency for recurrences if applicable – weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Consistent scheduled giving helps our church be a good steward of the resources that God provides.