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Adult Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday School Classes are held at 10:15 am between the early service (9:00 am) and late service (11:15 am) in St. Philip’s Hall while the children and youth are also in Sunday School.

Questioning Christianity

BONUS SUMMER SESSION! Research shows that many lifelong believers have questions about their Christian faith. What happens when we die? What am I supposed to believe about evolution? Does science contradict the Bible? If my neighbors are not Christians, should I try to convert them?

Bring your questions and join us on Sunday mornings as we continue Questioning Christianity during the summer beginning June 16 – or submit a question now!

Join us Sundays @ 10:15 am in Stanton Commons, St. Philip’s Hall.

The Episcopal Way

Learn more about the traditions of the Episcopal church in our 6-week series The Episcopal Way. Learn why we do what we do, important milestones in our church history and more. These classes are highly recommended for adults preparing for Confirmation or anyone curious about the history and traditions of our church.

June 16 – Topic: “Salvation History: From Creation to Resurrection and Beyond”
June 23 – Topic: “Church History Part 1: The Formation of the Church from Acts to Protestant Reformation”
June 30 – Topic: “Church History Part 2: The Formation of our Biblical Canon and Creeds”
July 7 – Topic: “Church History Part 3: Anglican & Episcopal History”
July 14 – Topic: “Worship Part 1: The Book of Common Prayer & our Personal Prayer Life”
July 21 – Topic: “Worship Part 2: The Book of Common Prayer & our Corporate Worship and Sacraments”

Join us Sundays @ 10:15 am in Room 101, St. Philip’s Hall.