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Adult Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday School Classes are held at 10:15 am between the early service (9:00 am) and late service (11:15 am) in St. Philip’s Hall while the children and youth are also in Sunday School.

Antioch Sunday School Class

Sundays @ 10:15 am | March 1 - April 5

What Happened in Antioch?

The mystery can now be exposed! Well, maybe not a mystery. But it’s still important. This is the first place where Christians were called Christian! It is the first big city to be evangelized by Christians. It is where Paul came out of obscurity. It is a Church that first sent out missionaries. It is where 3 of the 4 Gospels were written. And it became more important than Jerusalem. How did all this happen? And what does it mean for us? Bishop Stanton will tell us everything we need to know about this special place – and many things we didn’t even know we need!

Sundays during Lent @ 10:15 am in Stanton Commons, St. Philip’s Hall


A community that strengthens relationships and supports parents of all ages in their journey to live out their faith and raise up faithful Christians. Join us for lively discussions and Bible-based teachings on parenting, marriage and more!

Join us Sundays @ 10:15 am in Stanton Commons, St. Philip’s Hall.

The Good Book Club

Join us for a study of Hebrews; written to people struggling to understand why God’s people suffer and the difference a relationship with Jesus makes. This is a great “Discover” opportunity for scripture study.

Join us Sundays @ 10:15 am in Room 102, St. Philip’s Hall.

The Episcopal Way

January 26 – March 15, take an in-depth look at the Episcopal Church and its meaningful traditions and practices. You will gain an understanding of Anglican church history, the Book of Common Prayer, Sacraments, and church order which define how we worship today. This class is great for anyone with a desire to know more about the Episcopal church and is required for adults who wish to be Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church.

Join us Sundays at 10:15 am in Room 101, St. Philip’s Hall.