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Bible Reading Plan

bible reading plan

Current Three-Year Plan

The Bible is God’s message to us for every day! Read the entire Bible together as a church family over a 3-year period. The daily readings are short – about a chapter a day – and can even be delivered right to your email inbox every morning. We started in Genesis on January 1, 2015, but you can join us at any time!

Begin in Genesis

Download the list of daily readings, and start with January 1 in the first year.

Three-year Daily Bible Readings (PDF)

Join us where we are

Request to be added to the Daily Bible Reading email and you will receive the daily reading in your inbox every morning. Contact Suzy Wolf to be added to the daily email list or if you have any questions.

Email Suzy Wolf to Subscribe

Chronological Bible reading Plan

One-Year Chronological Reading Plan

Reading about a chapter a day, you will experience God’s story in one year in the order in which events occurred. In addition, weekly overviews will help you better understand the historical context, relationships between individuals and nations, and more.

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