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Daughters of the Heart Sponsorship

St. Philip’s primary focus in the Diocese of Karimnagar, India is on three girls hostels. These precious girls are our daughters in Christ, children God placed in our hearts. By showing our love for them through an annual sponsorship program, they are being blessed by prayer, an opportunity for a better education, a healthier diet, medical care, spiritual formation and more.

The hostels house girls ranging in age from 4 to 16. The diocese is able to provide shelter for the 90+ girls, but it is through the sponsor donations that the girls receive all their other basic needs. Church members, members of the community of Frisco, Texas and other parts of the U.S. have so generously stepped up to sponsor many of these girls. These sponsorships not only allow the girls an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their family, but it allows the girls to witness our faith in action half way around the world. They feel the love of their sponsors, know they are being prayed for and feel especially blessed when our teams visit. They are truly a part of our family.

The more girls we sponsor, the more girls the diocese can make room for. The hostels are not at full capacity and not all girls have been sponsored. If you are able to sponsor a child, please contact Mary Hendrix. Minimum annual sponsorship is $300.

Video from 2015 mission trip

Biennial Mission to Karimnagar

Trips to Karimnagar occur every other fall. These are our opportunities to spend time with the girls in the hostels, develop relationships, share the love of Christ and provide skills training. Our next mission trip to Karimnagar will be in 2017.

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