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Mission Partners

Impacting the world for Christ is part of our mission for the church. Since 2002, we have sent mission teams throughout Texas and to neighboring states and to countries around the world. We strive to provide opportunities for people of all ages to serve on a mission. You could serve on a one-day mission trip, join the family team, the Youth team, or choose from numerous adult trips including Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Groups. There is something for everyone!

Our mission partners include The Church of South India Diocese of Karimnagar, The Anglican Diocese of Belize, and Christ Community Church in Nocona, TX.



Diocese of Karimnagar, India

St. Philip’s primary focus in this Diocese is on three girls hostels. These hostels house girls ranging in age from 4 to 16. The diocese is able to provide shelter for the 90+ girls that live in the three hostels, but it is through donations of others that the girls receive other basic needs such as schooling, food, clothing, medical/hygiene, bedding and books.



Anglican Diocese of Belize

This is the ideal first international mission trip for anyone. There are no physical limitations, no language barrier, it’s a short distance from home, and the food is good! This is an amazing opportunity to grow your faith, and to be a blessing to and be blessed by the wonderful people of Belize.



Nocona, TX

Christ Community Church

Less than two hours west of Frisco and south of the Red River, Nocona's proximity makes it easy for anyone to commit to join the mission fields. There are three types of trips each year: one-day trip (biannually, fall and spring), family mission trip (summer, ages 8 and up) and a Women's trip that holds a conference for the women in the community.