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St. Philip’s works in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Peru to help grow the Church in their country. Though we provide support for the overall work of the Diocese, since 2004, there have been three specific ways in which we support the diocese: building and supporting the mission church of San Felipé in Cabanaconde, helping to break the cycle of poverty for women living in Lima through our partnership with Threads of Hope, and now helping build and supporting the mission church of Santisima Cruz in Lima.

San Felipé

Cabanaconde, Peru

Cabanaconde literally means “the end of the road”. That is where San Felipé was established. It sits high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, on the Colca Canyon, the deepest canyons in the world. Since 2004, St. Philip’s has worked in partnership with the Anglican Church to build the mission base of San Felipe and create a place for a full-time priest and assistant to be stationed where they can reach out to the people in the canyon villages. The San Felipe chapel was completed and dedicated in October 2011. We continue to support the mission there by sending teams who perform community outreach projects, present the Gospel to the children in the schools, take supplies to the villages across the canyon, do home visits, prayer walks and hold Eucharist services. We look forward to returning each year and continuing to cultivate the seeds that have been planted there.

Santisima Cruz

Lima, Peru

In the middle of the community of Cerro Cajamarca, sits a mission church known as Santisima Cruz. The community is appropriately named, as the word Cerro means mountain range and that’s exactly where the church sits – on the side of the mountain. Ministering to a struggling community, Padre Benjamin, the priest in charge, has an unmatchable zeal for God and his people. He and his wife Livia spent hours each day traveling to this community, until recently when a home within the community was made possible through St. Philip’s mission efforts. We hope to support Padre Benjamin in his ministry by sending teams each year, as well as supporting his various outreach efforts. Upcoming trips will focus on building the Santisima Cruz church building and continuing to cultivate relationships with this congregation and the surrounding community, while helping spread the love of Christ through word and deed.

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