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Serve Our World

Impacting the world for Christ is part of our mission for the church. Since 2002, we have sent mission teams throughout Texas and to neighboring states and to countries around the world. We strive to provide opportunities for people of all ages to serve on a mission. You could serve on a one-day mission trip, join the family team, the youth team, or choose from numerous adult trips including Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Groups. There is something for everyone!


Each spring break & summer our Middle & High School students serve together on a week-long mission. This is far more that “just a trip”. The team starts meeting months ahead of time to prepare their hearts and minds and also to make sure all logistics are covered. Each team member serves in a leadership role and plays an important part in our mission experience. In the past few years we have served in Texas, Alaska, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.


This is an opportunity for families of all ages to participate in mission together and step into the missional call of all baptized Christians: to be a witness of Christ’s love to the world. In the past we have served in Nocona, Texas and with the refugee ministry Gateway of Grace, and look forward to serving families with foster, adoptive and kinship children with Embrace Texas.

Impact (4th & 5th grade)

Twice a year our 4th & 5th grade students have the opportunity to experience mission work. In the fall, these Impact students spend the weekend at a day-mission serving in our city. In the spring, students attend a Mission Retreat at Camp All Saints at Lake Texoma to serve and grow in their faith. In the past we have served with Gateway of Grace and have partnered with our Outreach Department for local service opportunities.


Adult missions aim to stretch and grow men & women through discipleship, cultural immersion and reconciliation. This summer, a team is headed to the Episcopal Mission Church of Good Shepherd, Ft. Defiance in Navajoland. Missionaries will engage in physical and relational service while embarking on a Pilgrimage that will bring them closer to Christ, submerging them in a unique cultural experience. In the past men have engaged in work mission weekends and women have provided a community conference with our long-time partners in Nocona, Texas.


International Mission has always been an integral part of St. Philip’s mission statement – Growing Faith that Impacts the World for Christ. In the past we have served in Guatemala, Belize, Peru and India, where teams served in communities through physical labor and relational ministry. These short-term mission opportunities grow from partnerships and have been life-changing. Although the ability to travel international has been difficult in the recent past, we look forward to the future of engaging in this intentional form of mission work again.

Human Trafficking

St. Philip’s is involved in anti-trafficking work through education and service, and is open to those who would like to join this impactful ministry. Our team has partnered with Project Moses and continues to connect with other local agencies in the fight against human trafficking.

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