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Life Events: Baptism | Confirmation | Weddings | Funerals

At St. Philip’s, we are honored to celebrate and recognize life’s milestone moments with you. We regularly offer Baptisms and Confirmation as faith affirmations; as well as celebrate marriages and the lives of those who have gone before us.


Holy Baptism at St. Philip’s is administered in the context of the Sunday Eucharist during both early and late services. Anyone wanting to make a mature and public commitment to the Christian faith (or commitment on behalf of their children) may be baptized after attending Baptism Preparation Class.

2017 Baptism & Preparation Class Dates
It is the custom of the Church to offer Baptism during the major celebrations of the Church’s Year. Therefore St. Philip’s offers Holy Baptism five times a year when we celebrate the life of the Lord Jesus and of His Church.

Baptism – January 8 (The Baptism of Jesus); Baptism Preparation Class – December 18

Baptism – June 4 (Pentecost); Baptism Preparation Class – May 21

Baptism – August 6 (The Transfiguration); Baptism Preparation Class – July 30

Baptism – November 5 (All Saints); Baptism Preparation Class – October 29

All classes are held in the Narthex and Sanctuary at 1:00 pm to afford families time to have lunch after the service, then return for the Class.

To inquire about Baptism, contact Becky Voyles.

2017 Baptism Application


The Episcopal Church urges all baptized members to make a mature public affirmation of their baptism, and to receive God’s blessing by the laying on of hands by the Bishop – also called Confirmation. For those baptized as infants, Confirmation presents the opportunity to publicly take personal responsibility for the vows made on our behalf at baptism. For those baptized as adults, it is an opportunity to publicly unite ourselves to the Church.

At St. Philip’s we offer opportunities for both youth and adults to prepare for confirmation. For more information on Adult Confirmation, contact Marie Walls. To learn more about Middle School and High School Youth Confirmation, contact Beth Sarey.


At St. Philip’s we delight in laying the groundwork for, and celebration of, Christian marriage. Couples wishing to be married in the Sanctuary or on the grounds at St. Philip’s should contact Marie Walls for more information.


To arrange for a Christian burial, memorial or graveside service for your loved one, please contact Marie Walls. Our Pastoral Care team can also assist you during this difficult time in making arrangements and necessary decisions. We also have a columbarium (a space for ashes of the deceased) installed at St. Philip’s. To inquire about a niche in St. Philip’s columbarium please contact Becky Voyles.