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Jesus’ Stories – The Persistent Widow

Rev. Clayton Elder
August 14, 2022

Jesus’ Stories – The Persistent Widow

Luke gives us a nice summary of Jesus’ parable of The Persistent Widow – “Always pray and never lose heart”. But what does that mean? Growing up as a teen in the 90’s, my idea of prayer was shaped by MC Hammer singing “That’s word we pray – pray…We’ve got to pray just to make it today.”

Prayer is our words to God – reaching out to Him in praise, thanksgiving, or times of need. And it’s a conversation that goes both ways. In this parable, the widow kept petitioning the callous judge, in spite of her shame in repeatedly being told “no”.

Have you ever felt that shame has gotten in the way of your ability to petition God for your needs? Shame in a relationship, your dealings in life, etc. that keep you from reaching out? What can we learn from the widow about praying, and how will our compassionate God respond?