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More Than a Trip

Rt. Rev. James Stanton
February 1, 2015

More Than a Trip

God's Magnificent PlanAs followers of Christ, God gives us each a mission: to know Christ, and to make Him known. In order to carry out our mission, God gives us two marching orders:

  1. Be a Saint. It is God’s love and mercy that make us Saints, not what we do. But believing in God and wanting to follow Him are only half the job!
  2. Be an Apostle. To be an Apostle literally means to ‘be sent’. And there are 3 steps to carry out this mission: pray, plan for witness, and perform!

Life Groups are a great place to do missionary work — you can pray, plan and perform an Apostle’s work with others! They are also a great way to grow your faith as a Saint. Being both a Saint and an Apostle is God’s Magnificent Plan for YOU!! Read on to learn how to connect with a Life Group today!