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Saved! Bread

Rev. Clayton Elder
September 20, 2020

Saved! Bread

Growing up on our family ranch, there was no sleeping in on the weekends. I had to get up really early to help work the cattle – and I wasn’t happy about it. I grumbled getting up, getting dressed, and all the way into the kitchen. But there was my Grandmother – with a hot breakfast of eggs, bacon, and a big piece of her special Texas toast. Granny’s toast had just the right amount of butter – not too soggy, not too hard – it was just right. Topping it off with her homemade honey butter, all my grumblings faded away and I was ready to take on the day. Her “comfort food” was just what I needed.

God heard the grumblings of Moses and the Israelites, and He hears ours today. As comforting as that toast was, He gives us something better. Is Jesus the “ultimate Granny’s toast”?