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Saved! Water

Rev. Ryan Jordan
September 27, 2020

Saved! Water

“Are we there yet?” “Stop pinching me!” I remember well my family’s cross-country road trips as my siblings and I were growing up. Long hours in the car, with no video games to keep us occupied, brought out the worst in us. Like the Israelites in today’s passage, we quarreled with each other, and with our parents, constantly. These trips exposed an uncomfortable truth about our relationship that could easily be avoided at home, making the time between leaving the house and reaching our destination miserable.

Salvation is a process – as God shows in Exodus, hearing the groanings of the Israelites in Egypt, bringing them through the Red Sea, to years spent wandering in the desert before reaching the Promised Land. What does it mean for God to be saving His people in the in-between times?