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Show and Tell

Rt. Rev. James Stanton
January 18, 2015

Show and Tell

God's Magnificent PlanDid you know God is looking for you? Yes, God looks for us long before we are prepared to find Him! And God can speak to any one of us — even the most unlikely or unprepared. He spoke to Samuel, a young boy, and lives were changed. And He can speak to you! In the Biblical story of Philip, the first evangelist, he told Nathanael, “we found him (Jesus).” But from the Holy Spirit’s perspective, He found Philip!

The Holy Spirit reaches out to each one of us, when our hearts are prepared to hear and listen. Because Jesus looks for you, you can find HIM! Your mission is to carry the good news of Christ to someone else. You have a role to play in God’s Magnificent Plan, so seek God’s guidance to play it!