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Songs of Jesus – Mary’s Song

Stevi McCoy
November 29, 2020

Songs of Jesus – Mary’s Song

Yip Harburg, who wrote the lyrics to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” famously said, “a song makes you feel a thought.” If you’ve seen a musical, you’ll recognize when a character bursts into song it’s usually when an emotion can’t be contained or expressed in mere words.

Throughout Advent we will be examining “Songs of Jesus” – biblical songs from Luke 1 and 2 – the “original Christmas hymns”, and today we look at “Mary’s Song”. We’re all familiar with the story of young Mary of Nazareth – poor, betrothed to Joseph, pregnant, and the recipient of a special message from the angel Gabriel. Knowing what we know about her story, Mary’s song could be about a great many things – shame, anxiety, fear, confusion, or doubt. But her song is one of overflowing praise. How can praise be the first words from her lips?