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Unforgivable: How Could You?

Stevi McCoy
December 23, 2018

Unforgivable: How Could You?

Joseph – he was the Father of Jesus, although his mentions in the Bible are somewhat limited. One thing we do know, however, is his world was completely rocked when his betrothed, Mary, told him she was with child. The wedding he was planning? Gone. The future he had planned? Impossible. His reputation? Tarnished. It was only natural that his anger, hurt and embarrassment led him to make plans to quietly divorce Mary and get on with his life. But God intervened – when faced with this difficult choice, Joseph’s love for Mary ultimately overcame his fear. He chose LOVE.

How often in our own lives have the actions of others inflicted pain on us? Lies, betrayals, selfishness – has someone else ever “ruined everything” for you? It’s only natural to think about striking back, cover up your hurt, or deny the depth of your feeling. But after the shock wears off, how can we learn to “choose love” like Joseph did?