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What God Wants

Rev. Greg Methvin
August 11, 2019

What God Wants

We have a lot we can learn from the story of Hosea. He had one of the greatest, messiest love stories in the Bible, right? He married a woman with a bad reputation – and she sure did live up to it. She cheated on him, bore children that weren’t his, and even when she left him, he still paid her bills. She behaved horribly, without apology, knowing Hosea still loved her and would “get over it”. And because of this deep love, he welcomed her home later in spite of her shortcomings.

When Hosea shared his anguish and broken-heartedness with God, he was assured that God knew what he was going through – and compared his experience to the challenges that God goes through in His relationships with US – our own “messy love stories”. What does God really want from us in a relationship?