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The Right Media, Right Now

The Right Media, Right Now
By Russell and Rachel DeFriend | July 30, 2019

Oh, be careful little eyes what you see. Oh, be careful little ears what you hear. For the Father up above is looking down in love. Oh, be careful little hearts whom you trust.

In between dance parties around the hi-fi stereo, watching baseball games (go ‘Stros) and playing dominos, our family enjoys a good movie night (and heirloom popcorn with grass-fed butter: so civilized). With too many screens and so much “variety,” it becomes harder and harder to agree on watching something together. Curating appropriate content, uplifting programming, or simply finding morally sound media takes time and wisdom. For this reason, streaming and TV consumption have clear limitations in our home. Instead, we tend to spin a vinyl record or select a classic DVD (we might be strange). As you can see, when our family sets out to watch or listen to art, it tends to take some production.

Enter RightNow Media. It blesses us to give our children the independence they deserve in selecting a program. It also allows us to enjoy the convenience of spontaneous TV time here and there. Media buckets full of Christian content create an ideal boundary for our little peeps, but also constructive constraints for us adults. We have found devotionals for men, women, marriage and growing our faith. Plus, the app links into home theater and follows you on-the-go from dance to KungFu.

We knew our daughters would laugh at Owlegories, and dive into Superbook, but we didn’t expect the fun they would have exploring Patterns of Evidence, fist-pumping Torchlighters and mirroring choreography to Family Worship Seeds. As they search for a show, we can trust their little eyes don’t preview mature content, and their little ears avoid sounds they shouldn’t hear.

As a family, we love watching The Witnesses (God With Us, The Messengers, To Every Nation), an elegant portrayal of the Passion of Christ and His Witnesses for all ages. Movies like these serve as an excellent example of how this tool unlocks conversations about faith, applications of scripture and forms an inviting place for the Holy Spirit to enter.

It’s awesome to witness our children’s minds process stories about Jesus, relate perfect love to their lives and open their hearts in prayer. We’ve learned it’s not about the acclaim of the art, but the art of appreciation. In a world seeking stories for currency, we take family dinner dialogue to the bank & trust, every single day.