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Things We Wish You Knew…

Things We Wish You Knew…
October 1, 2019

A handful of foundational principles guide the financial life of our church: we pray for God’s vision and God’s provision for our church, we give thanks for the offerings we receive, maintain the highest level of financial integrity and accountability, and are transparent with the parish about our resource needs and decisions. In October, we take some extra time to celebrate God’s goodness to our church and pray about our personal giving to God’s work. As we do this together, here are some things I wish each one of you knew.

1. We accomplish more together than alone.
Our tithes and offerings accomplish amazing things when we gather them together. Our giving provides a safe and secure space for worship, study, recovery groups, preschoolers and countless other events. It also provides outstanding leaders, programs for all ages, benevolence to the poor and needy, mission work locally and internationally. No other organization outside of the church does so many different things for so many different people.

2. Your church staff and leaders are amazing resource managers.
Our paid staff are meticulous in their budgeting and spending. Our Financial Team meets monthly to pray and decide on how best to use and resource our work. Our Vestry Team also meets monthly to discuss our financial life and evaluate our budget life. When all is said and done, we have nearly 50 people engaged in watching, protecting and managing our church financial life.

3. We can only do what you supply.
All of our ministries are resourced by the generous gifts of our people. Currently, 471 people have given to our cause in 2019. The average monthly gift is about $200 per month.

4. Give as you are able.
We are not all called to give the same amount, but we can all give in the same manner. Give prayerfully, consistently, and joyfully.

5. How much church costs.
Currently, our 2019 Budget is set at $1.5 million.

6. Stewardship, generosity, and giving are not the same.
Giving is the act of releasing something of value, but generosity is an attitude. I can give without being generous or joyful about it. Generosity is only one part of being what Jesus calls his followers to be: a steward (manager) of what God has generously given to me. A steward is wise, trustworthy and intentional about growing and investing the Master’s wealth according to the Master’s wishes.

Jesus talked a lot about money, not because he wanted a donation FROM us, but because he wanted something FOR us. He wants our hearts to be free from greed and anxiety. He wants us to be joyful difference-makers in our world. Join me and our church this month as we grow in managing God’s blessings for the greater good.