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What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For?
By Amy Boyer | September 24, 2019

Have you ever wondered how you can walk away with a deeper understanding and passion for God’s word? Feel empowered to live courageously in your everyday life? Find other women who are “like” you, that need to feel equipped and confident in their spiritual journeys?

The last several years I have been participating in the Evening Women’s Bible Study at St. Philip’s. I had been working a full-time, demanding job for 12 years when things changed in July 2018. I have always wanted to get to know more women at St. Philip’s, but working full-time, just didn’t allow me that opportunity. I am also a wife, mom, Mimi, sister, and aunt, and fitting in spiritual time for myself could be challenging at times. Being part of Community of Hope had helped with that some, but I knew I was ready to make more changes and know more spiritual women.

Last year I was fortunate enough to attend the ABUNDANCE Women’s Conference with many new faces, and some faces that I had known since we had started coming to St. Philip’s. I had never been to a Women’s Conference – so I did not know what to expect. I remember listening to each of the speakers and realized we are ALL on different journeys in our faith – but as a group of women, we can support each other. By attending the Women’s Conference, and listening to each of the speakers talk about the stories that inspired them or the challenges that life presented to them, I was able to look at myself and ask, “what is it that I am looking for?”

I knew that I wanted to follow Jesus – but how? How did my friends follow Him? Did they “listen” to His subtleness? I remember my mom telling me all of the things she was involved with at her church and thinking I would never be “like” that. But I was already following His path that my mom had shown me all these years. By attending the conference, I was able to talk about my faith, and now I can share it with my daughter, granddaughter, and my friends. I was able to hear faith stories from the women I met – and think, I can do that!

I felt that there was something stirring inside me after the conference. I just didn’t know what it was – but I had heard that praying for Him to speak to you or show you the path can take time. I would meet for lunch to talk to others about the path, or someone would ask me where I am now. This past January I stepped out of my comfort zone to facilitate Women’s Bible Study. This was not part of my plan – but His. He directed someone to show me a path. The new friends I made at the Women’s Conference are just what my faith journey needed at a time where I felt that I wasn’t sure where I was needed.

My mom wrote, “Keep the Lord close to your heart and you will be filled with joy and peace”. This quote has never rung truer to me than in this time in my life. I am so thankful for the relationships I have formed with these women, but most of all, with Him.